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Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC prepares Federal, State and City Income tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies (LLC) in multiple states.

Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC also assists U.S. citizens abroad, U.S. residents, and non-resident aliens with tax matters.


Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC sends reminders and prepares quarterly estimated tax calculations for both individual and corporate tax filers. This ensures that clients are both in compliance with their tax payments and up to date with their tax obligations.


Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC is an authorized IRS e-file provider and is approved to e-file all Federal and state tax filings.

E-filing allows for faster refunds. Most Federal tax refunds are deposited within 7 to 10 days.

Tax returns that are electronically filed eliminate the need to send tax returns by certified mail, and the IRS will acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the tax return within 24 hours after submission.

Check the status of your Federal refund here.
Check the status of your New York State refund here.
Check the status of your New Jersey State refund here.


Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC prepares and files sales tax returns for various states.

Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC handles complicated, multi-jurisdiction New York sales tax returns and vendor collection credits. We also send out several reminders as sales tax filing deadlines approach to keep all clients timely.


Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC is well-versed in the preparation and submission of the quarterly New York City Commercial Rent Tax returns.


With emphasis on exceptional service through meticulous attention to detail and follow up when dealing with client matters, Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC ensures that all issues with tax notices or correspondence are completed to fruition.


Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC offers many levels of bookkeeping services. Whether your need is for day to day, month end, quarterly or annually, Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC is capable of handling all of your bookkeeping tasks.

Additionally, we are happy to provide QuickBooks tutorials for those seeking to empower themselves and learn how to become a more active participant in their company’s bookkeeping.

As a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC can offer a discounted rate for opening a new subsciption, transition desktop QuickBooks files and setup new QuickBooks Online files. Contact us for more information.


Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC is a full-service payroll administrator that can set up your payroll, onboard new hires and has the technology to pay your employees through direct deposit and electronically debit your Federal (via EFTPS) and New York State (via PrompTax) tax payments. Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC prepares all quarterly and annual, Federal and State, payroll tax filings. We also handle all payroll correspondence including workers' compensation and disability insurance paperwork as well as routine payroll audits from the Workers’ Compensation or Labor Departments.

Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC also prepares payroll for household employees.

In addition, we prepare and file all 1099 and 1096 forms for independent contractors.


Seeing as retirement dreams vary for everyone, Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC will help you explore your options to save on taxes and best fit your retirement expectations. We work closely with multiple, well-regarded professionals who customize their services to make your retirement dreams a reality.


Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC helps clients select the proper business entity and prepares and files all required registrations. We establish corporations, S-corporations, LLCs and sole proprietorships.

At the end of a business life, it is imperative that it is dissolved within the legal parameters of the federal and state governments. Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC can handle the required follow up and prepare the proper paperwork and filings to dissolve a business when it ceases to exist.


If your small business is currently lacking administrative support, Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC offers the option of functioning as your back office. This luxury services allows you to focus on running your business while we pay your bills, maintain your QuickBooks file, and manage your bank and credit card accounts.


Looking for guidance on how to best run your business? Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC strives to provide the best advice regarding efficiently managing your business’s resources whilst maintaining a keen sense of how to keep your business running financially sound.


We understand that running a business can require frequent travel and the even more frequent misplacement of important mailed documents. Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC provides the option of acting as a permanent mailing address so that none of your documents go unnoticed and undelivered. Once you return from your travels, you can retrieve your documents from us with the peace of mind that they’ve been safe in our hands.

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Estimated Tax Projections
Electronic Filing (e-file)
Sales Tax Prep
Rent Tax Prep
Problem Resolution
Retirement Planning & Advice
Formation & Dissolution
Business Management
Business Consulting
Business Mail Services
Prices & Fees
  • Federal Form 1040: Min $1,000

    • Schedule A: Min $500

    • Schedule C: Min $500

    • Schedule D: Min $500

    • Schedule E: Min $500

  • New York State Return: Min $500

  • Other State Return: Min $500

  • Software/Process & Handling Fee: $150

  • Advisory Fees & Consultation: Min $500

Need a service that you don't see listed above? Contact us.
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