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I have been so lucky to have you as my accountant for these many years.

Terri, 2024

Knowledgeable, helpful and professional - those are the hallmarks of Lynn-Mark Enterprises. I've been a client for several years now and can't imagine a time when I don't turn to them for help preparing my taxes. This past year, they discovered something odd in my 2016 paperwork, which led them to investigate last year's returns. Needless to say, they got me more money back. They didn't have to check into old returns, they just did. That's why they have a client for life.


I had a fantastic experience with Lynn-Mark over the years. Trustworthy, knowledgeable, quick to respond and very helpful with all those financial questions that you wish you had a good friend to ask to. I couldn't be happier with their service and would highly recommend them.


I work with an excellent accountant named Bonnie Yormack in New York. She does most of her work with freelancers, especially arts, media, and graphic freelancers. She saved me a bundle last year, and also does financial advice, as well. Very highly recommended.


I've been working with Bonnie since 1997 for both my business, and personal taxes. Lynn-Mark is continuously upping their game by using state-of-the-art electronic tools to deliver the highest quality service while saving save time and money by being efficient. Last year it was an absolute joy to look over my return, immaculately delivered in pdf format. 

I can't tell you how much time, money and stress Lynn-Mark has saved my company and my family over the years, but I can tell you how much we appreciate all Bonnie and her team does for us. 


I very highly recommend Bonnie Yormack of Lynn-Mark Enterprises, LLC. Her practice and expertise are exactly what it sounds like your friend is seeking. Not only is her work top-notch, but she is also a pleasure to work with.


Yes yes! I love them (who loves their accountants..?) They do all my accounting and my payroll - they are fast and just amazing. I cannot say enough good things about them - I am so happy with them and they have made my life so easy since I made the switch.


After some issues arose with filing taxes on my own, I decided to hire Lynn-Mark for my tax needs. I've been a client for the past 5 years now and it's been nothing but a positive experience. They're organized, efficient, and their attention to detail is top notch! Everyone's tax situations are totally different so it was nice to know that Bonnie and her team were able to cater to my specific needs. In addition to tax services, Lynn-Mark provides tax advice throughout the year (not just during tax season!) and has a bookkeeping team that is QuickBooks savvy. Lynn-Mark also reminds me to pay my quarterly estimates... an important thing to be reminded of for a freelancer! All in all, I highly recommend Lynn-Mark and I look forward to using them again in the future!


I credit you with setting me on the road of fiscal responsibility and well being when you convinced me to begin saving (with the $25 a month ever so long ago). Thank you!!!


Jimmy and I spoke and on behalf of both of us, we really appreciate your courtesy and professionalism. You have helped ease us through a very difficult time. 

We are thankful for Buffy and Alec's recommendation and look forward to our continued relationship with you.

Michele & Jimmy

Thanks to Bonnie's wise counsel and expert handling of our affairs, my wife and I were able to resolve a particularly complex tax matter with the authorities successfully. Her professionalism and advice were of the highest caliber.


Hope tax season is not too hectic. You are the best in the business!


I just wanted to thank you so much for all your advice and guidance throughout the years. It has been a tremendous help to me in navigating the business side of the freelance editing world!


I so appreciate the time and attention that Bonnie and Mindy provided in my "time of need." Knowing they are there is very gratifying and contributes to my peace of mind, and I send my thanks to them!


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